Indian manufacturer comes with dual-boot smartphones with Windows Phone and Android

The Indian manufacturer Karbonn Mobiles will release the first smartphones in June that can run two operating systems side by side. In addition to Android, Windows Phone will be on the devices. The manufacturer already has an agreement with Microsoft.

The devices will be launched on the Indian market from June and are aimed at business customers and ‘techies’, the Times of India noted from the mouth of a Karbonn CEO. The dual-boot smartphones are possible because Microsoft has changed the hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8.1: the Back, Windows and Search buttons can be on the screen, so that they no longer have to be visible in the housing.

The details of the smartphones with two operating systems are not yet known and it is also unclear what the dualboot will look like. In addition, the question arises whether both systems have access to the same data, such as photos and videos on the device.

There have been rumors for some time about dual boot smartphones. There were previously tablets from Asus and Samsung that could run both Windows and Android. According to rumors, Microsoft and HTC have discussed the possibility of a smartphone with two operating systems.

Carbonn A21; this smartphone only runs android. There are no images of devices with both Windows Phone and Android yet