Images show unannounced Microsoft Surface products

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Renders of what would be upcoming Microsoft Surface products have surfaced: the Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3, and an ARM-powered Surface device. There is no render of a Surface device with two screens, which has been rumored for months.

It’s the first time that so many details have surfaced about the upcoming Surface devices. Telecom journalist Evan Blass, who tweets under the name @evleaks, put the renders online online. The renders show a Surface Pro 7. Which seems to have a USB-c port for the first time in that line of products. It is on the renders where the Mini Displayport is on the previous Surface Pro products.

The ARM variant of the Surface Pro has thinner screen bezels, but nothing else about it is clear from the images. Microsoft released Surface models with ARM processor and Windows RT in 2012 and 2013, but then the company stopped doing so. A Surface Pro with an ARM processor has never been released.

The Surface Laptop 3 will come in a 13″ and a 15″ variant, according to the renders. There is not much to see from the renders, but according to the images, there is no more Alcantara on the housing. Whether that also means that users can more easily repair or upgrade the laptops themselves is unknown. The current Surface Laptop is virtually impossible to repair.

EvLeaks does mention a Surface device with two screens, but mentions that he does not have or publish any renders of it yet. Over the past seven years, Evleaks has often put accurate renders of unannounced products online. Microsoft is holding an event on Wednesday to announce new Surface products. The company has not responded to the online appearance of the renders.

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