Images show IKEA Symfonisk painting with integrated Sonos speaker

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There were briefly some images of a painting with integrated Sonos speaker on the IKEA website. The product will cost $199 and will be available in black and white frame variants.

The images were noticed by The Verge. Earlier this year, that medium also shared details about IKEA’s unannounced Sonos painting. The webpage has since been taken offline, but has also been archived. According to the IKEA listing, the painting will come out in the Symfonisk series, in which the company previously released products in collaboration with Sonos. The painting is approximately 40cm high, 56cm wide and 5cm deep. The Symfonisk painting also comes with a 3.5 meter cable.

The IKEA website only showed two possible designs, but according to the retailer, users could choose from ‘different’ fronts. “You can choose to hang it on the wall as an eye-catcher, match it with pictures on the wall, put it on the floor, or lean it against a wall,” the IKEA site reports about the painting.

Furthermore, the IKEA site confirms that the Sonos painting supports Apple Airplay 2. Users can also use multiple speaker paintings, for example for surround sound in combination with other Sonos speakers. The paintings can be controlled via the Sonos app. The Verge writes that IKEA may announce the Symfonisk painting on Monday, June 14, although this has not yet been confirmed. It is not yet known when the paintings will go on sale.

Images via IKEA

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