Images of new Intel NUCs with Comet Lake CPUs appear online

Renders have surfaced online of the Frost Canyon NUCs that Intel will release later this year. It turns out that the small computers have Comet Lake CPUs configured at 25W.

The images of the NUCs are on a Chinese site, Twitter user noted @momomo_us on. The site also reports that the computers are getting Comet Lake-U processors. These are laptop chips with a maximum of six cores, which are made at 14nm. According to FanlessTech, the CPUs in the NUCs are configured at 25W; In laptops, that is usually 15W. The higher tdp allows the processors in the NUCs to run at a higher speed for longer.

In the previous generation NUCs, the Bean Canyon series, Intel used 28W processors. That concerned Coffee Lake-U processors with an Iris Plus 655 GPU. The GPU of the Comet Lake processors is less powerful on paper than the Iris Plus GPU. The appearance of the Frost Canyon NUCs is similar to that of the Bean Canyon variants. The new models will have a USB-c port and a USB port with a type-a connector on the front. With the previous generation, these are two type-a connections.

There will be thin versions that only offer space for m2-ssds and somewhat higher versions with space for a 2.5″ SSD or HDD. There were already mentions of the new NUCs at online stores, but besides the type numbers there were no concrete details.According to FanlessTech, the new NUCs will be released around December 12th.