Image would show test version new interface Samsung smartphones

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An image that has appeared online would show the interface of Samsung’s new skin over Android for the Galaxy S5. The render shows ‘cards’ containing information the phone has collected, such as sports, payments and travel.

With those cards, the interface is reminiscent of Blinkfeed, the home screen that HTC made for its Sense 5 skin with information from various sources. It also resembles Samsung’s new interface for tablets, as can be seen on Galaxy NotePRO 12.2. The cards show, among other things, a weather forecast, information about a run, various orders at physical stores that apparently have been made or paid for over the phone, a notification of a delivered package, a notification of a delayed flight and some cards with information from contacts.

It is unclear how Samsung would like to collect all that information to display on the home screen: Google Now does not yet support all the services shown and Samsung does not have a service that collects all that information as far as we know. These are probably widgets that can be placed on the home screen, while in addition, shortcuts can probably also be placed on the home screen.

The interface seems to be an older mockup: the icons in the picture are green, while Samsung has switched to white icons at the top of the screen in the updates for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. The South Korean manufacturer will probably present the Galaxy S5 together with the new version of its Touchwiz skin within a few months. Samsung has already announced various components that will probably go in the S5, such as 4GB DDR4 memory and a 1440p screen.

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