iFixit: Apple Studio Display camera module almost identical to iPhone 11

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Repair company iFixit has published a teardown of the new Apple Studio Display. In it, the camera module from the screen is compared with that of an iPhone 11 and attention is paid to the thin internal power supply. The company has not yet given a repair score.

After the display panel was detached from the housing, the IFixit team removed the webcam camera module from the Apple Studio Display. It didn’t score well in reviews. The team put the display’s camera module side by side with that of an iPhone 11 and stated that the two parts are very similar. Then the team also referred to the monitor’s power cable, which Apple says is not user-removable, a decision that has already attracted a lot of criticism.

iFixit noticed that the fans are large and the internal power supply of the Studio Display is very thin. They then pointed to the cutouts Apple had made in the internal power supply for capacitors, as well as to the separate sections of the part itself. “If Apple had opted for an external power supply, the housing could be almost as thin as that of the iMac,” it sounds like. After the internal power supply, the soc with the A13 chip was disassembled. We also find that part in the iPhone 11.

The Studio Display’s speaker system is well glued according to iFixit. The large amount of glue that was used to glue the various speaker parts is not illogical, according to the company. “Vibrations in a speaker system are a big problem,” it sounds.

Apple presented the Studio Display in early March. It is a 27″ monitor with a resolution of 5120×2880 pixels that achieves a brightness of up to 600cd/m². The monitor has a 12-megapixel webcam, microphones, a six-piece speaker set and an A13-soc. The latter is used to display the webcam, microphones and built-in speakers.

Apple sells the Studio Display for a price starting at 1779 euros. A version with nano-textured glass will cost EUR 2029. Apple includes a tilting stand or a VESA adapter. A tiltable and height-adjustable stand is available for an additional cost of 460 euros.

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