Humble Choice subscription loses Mac and Linux support for Trove games

Humble Choice subscription subscribers will no longer be able to download Mac and Linux versions of Trove games from February. These games will then only be available through a Windows program.

Humble has emailed certain users about the change, which revolves around the way its more than 70 DRM-free Trove games are offered. Subscribers can now download the games through the browser, choosing from a Windows, Linux or Mac version, depending on availability. After downloading, these games can be played indefinitely, even if the subscription expires.

From February, Humble will adjust the Choice subscription, with the Trove games only playable within a new Windows program from Humble. Here the games will fall under the Vault category. The Trove webpage will then expire. Since there is only a Windows launcher, Linux and Mac users will no longer be able to access the games. It is not clear whether they can be played without the Humble app, or whether it functions as a launcher like Steam, for example. However, these Vault games can still be played after a subscription has ended, says Humble.

Humble Choice is a subscription form that allows subscribers to access the Trove for a certain amount per month and also choose up to ten games selected by Humble to keep. The latter games may also include AAA games, depending on the month. Until February, the subscription costs 14 or 18 euros, whereby subscribers can choose 3 or 9 games respectively. There is also a subscription of 4.49 euros per month, whereby customers are not allowed to choose games, but they do get access to the Trove.

From February there will only be one subscription form of ten euros per month, with which customers receive all games that are offered in the subscription that month. Humble says that he wants to increase the ‘value’ of the games. That seems to indicate that the subscription will often contain more expensive games. Humble says it does this in response to feedback from subscribers.

In addition, there will be a Humble Games Collection, which will feature “games loved by the community” and by journalists. These games also come in the Humble app. The difference between these Humble Games Collection games and the Vault games is that the Games Collection games can no longer be played after the subscription expires. That is similar to how Game Pass works, for example.

Because the Games Collection games come in the Humble app, these games will also not be playable for Linux and Mac customers. The third category of games, which can also include AAA games, are now provided with, for example, a Steam key and can therefore also be played on Linux and Mac PCs, if available. Humble has not said that this is going to change.

Of the ten euros that the Choice subscription will cost from February, five percent will go to charities. Subscribers also receive a discount in the Humble store. Humble Choice is the successor to Monthly. Humble has been part of IGN since 2017.

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