Huawei puts Google’s SMS app with rcs support on its smartphones

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In the coming months, Huawei will deploy Google’s SMS app with support for ‘rich communication suite’ on its devices. That has been announced by the manufacturer. Until now, Huawei used its own SMS app without support for rcs.

Rich communication suite is a multimedia messaging standard on telephones. In addition to rcs, users can start video calls from within the texting app via Google Duo, Huawei says. RCS allows users to start group chats, send pictures without MMS, and see if others are typing via the SMS app. Rcs has been the dream WhatsApp killer of providers for years, although it has never taken off until now.

Huawei promises to pre-install the SMS app on devices throughout its portfolio in the coming months. The manufacturer does not say whether this will only be on new devices or whether it will also install the Google SMS app with updates. Users can also install the Google SMS app themselves, via the Play Store.

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