Huawei P20 Pro Review – Introduction

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In summary

The P20 Pro has everything you would expect from a smartphone in the highest category, except wireless charging. The camera belongs to the absolute top, the big OLED screen is beautiful and we also want to write home about the battery life. It is therefore extra pity that the software slightly spoils the party, but anyone who can step over it and buy this fast phone for a nice price, does good business.

Final verdict

Huawei has huge ambitions in the smartphone market, we have known that for a number of years, and in the lower segments the company has been doing good business for a while, but a brilliant high-end model that The company has not produced yet for a large target group and can compete with the absolute top, and this has to change with the P20 Pro. Huaweis spotlights are fully focused on this phone and, among other things, in view of the special, threefold camera set-up large sensor, which protrudes from the back of the device, that is easy to understand.
Huawei himself in any case that it is finally at the level of the greatest .The device immediately the fight with the Apple iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2 phones and the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. Every one knows that simply putting a camera on your smartphone does not necessarily lead to better photo quality. However, we were quite impressed at the preview given the practical and versatile nature of the camera and also, technically, the large camera sensor that Huawei built in the device. Two years ago, the Chinese manufacturer still came up with a double camera whose usefulness largely escaped us.

Regardless of the camera, the P20 Pro properly on an iPhone X. The manufacturer also has the name Apple closely followed, especially in design and software. But if Huawei does this well and Apple also dares to surpass, we see no point in that. The Chinese manufacturer has learned in recent years, among other things from Apple’s phones, to be able to serve the Western market well. The best thing that Huawei can make at the moment is the P20 Pro and we’ve been trying to find out whether this device really reaches the absolute top level.


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