Huawei: next foldable smartphone coming within three weeks

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Huawei will announce its next foldable smartphone in three weeks. So says the director of the company. The Chinese smartphone maker uses the Kirin 9000 soc that is also in the Mate 40 phones and which has been out of production since September.

The image that Huawei posted online confirms that it is a foldable smartphone with a different design than its predecessors. The image shows the screen on the inside, but Huawei foldable smartphones until now had the screen on the outside. The most recent, the Mate Xs, was released in the Benelux in April last year. The design is now more like the Samsung Galaxy Fold phones.

Huawei goes on to say that the phone will have a Kirin 9000 soc, the same as in last fall’s Mate 40 phones. That soc has been out of production since September due to the tightened rules surrounding the US government’s trade ban. It is unknown how many of those socs Huawei has in stock.

According to rumors and information from the TENAA inspection agency, it is a smartphone with two screens. Digital Chat Station posted a render corresponding to that information. According to that information, the phone has an 8.01″ foldable screen on the inside, with a resolution of 2480×2200 pixels and an almost square ratio with dimensions of 15.2×13.2cm.

The screen on the outside would have a diagonal of 6.45″, with a resolution of 2700×1160 pixels, a size of 15.1×6.5cm and a ratio of 21:9. The battery would have a capacity of 4400mAh and can be charged with 66W.The size of the phone would be 16.2×14.6cm, with a thickness of 8.2mm and a weight of 295 grams.

Huawei says it will announce the phone at its own event on February 22. The name will be Mate X2. Huawei announced the first Mate X two years ago, also in February.

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