Huawei announces P50 with HarmonyOS but without 5G in China

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Huawei has announced the P50 and P50 Pro for the Chinese market. The flagship devices come with a Snapdragon 888 or a Kirin 9000 soc. They do not contain a 5G modem and run on Huawei’s own operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0.

The P50 comes standard with a Snapdragon 888-soc, the P50 Pro comes according to Huawei’s own website in two variants: a version with a Kirin 9000 soc and a version that contains a Snapdragon 888. Striking: the flagship smartphones are not equipped with 5G modems. Richard Yu, a chief executive of Huawei, said during the launch that 5G-enabled phones “are no longer within the capabilities of the company,” according to The Verge. He refers to the trade ban that was imposed against the company by the United States. Qualcomm did receive permission from the US government at the end of last year to sell 4G modems to the Chinese company, according to Reuters.

The devices run on Harmony OS 2.0 and, as expected, are not supplied with Google services. The P50 measures 156.6mm x 73.8mm x 7.92mm and weighs 181 grams. The smartphone has a 6.5” OLED screen with 2700×1224 pixels and a refresh rate of 90Hz. The battery capacity is 4100mAh. The P50 Pro measures 158.8mm x 72.8mm x 8.5mm and weighs 195 grams. The Pro version will have a 6.6” OLED screen that contains 2700×1228 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The battery contains 4360mAh. Both devices support 66W fast charging. The P50 Pro can also charge wirelessly at 50W.

The camera housing on the back of both devices has been renewed so that two black circles are prominently visible. The P50 comes with three cameras. A primary camera with a 50Mp sensor, a 12Mp telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom and a 13-megapixel ultrawide camera.

Huawei equipped the P50 Pro with the same 50Mp primary camera as the P50, a telephoto camera with 3.5x optical zoom and 64 megapixels, a 13-megapixel ultrawide camera and a monochrome camera with 40 megapixels. Both models have a 13-megapixel selfie camera.

The P50 will be released on the Chinese market in September. The entry-level version comes with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage space and costs, at the time of writing, about 585 euros. The P50 Pro will go on sale in China from August 12. This entry-level version costs about 780 euros. This model also comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

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