Huawei against Apple: 1-0 for Huawei

The figures for the past quarter are not: Huawei is going fast, very hard. So hard even that the number of smartphones sold was higher than at Apple. This is evident from a market research by IDC.

Huawei popular

The Huawei P20 series and the Nova devices ensure good sales, in total there are 54.2 million sold. This is ten million more than Apple. Sales of Huawei account for 15 percent of the global market. The phones were sold a lot, especially in China.

Although the sales of Apple smartphones are growing, but not as fast as those of Huawei. Nevertheless, Apple can catch up with the new iPhone that comes out this fall.

Samsung drops

The report shows that the sales of smartphones have dropped overall. This trend hits Samsung the hardest. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was not a huge success so far. Nevertheless, Samsung is still the largest smartphone supplier. Smaller smartphone brands together also account for a third of the total sales of smartphones.