HTC presents 5G router that can serve as a node for bitcoin

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The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has presented its second 5G router. The Exodus 5G Hub can serve as a node for bitcoin, has onboard software for storing cryptocurrencies and has various privacy-oriented services.

The Exodus 5G Hub is a variant of the previously presented 5G Hub, a router with 5G support. The router has a full Android 9.0 release on board and has a 11.4×5.7cm screen, a 5″ touchscreen with unknown resolution. It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with X50 modem, writes Mashable.

There is 4GB of RAM, in addition to a storage of 32GB with a micro-SD slot and a 7660mAh battery. The router also has a single Ethernet port and features a nano-SIM card slot. It also contains two microphones and a speaker. HTC claims that the router has support for a decentralized VPN service, adblocker Incognito and mail service ProtonMail. Other privacy features are unclear.

In terms of cryptocurrencies, it can serve as a full-blown bitcoin node, allowing users to store various cryptocurrencies on the device in HTC’s Zion software, including bitcoin and ethereum. It seems the intention is to use the router as a hub at home, although it can also be used as a hotspot on the go.

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