HTC is developing a blockchain smartphone

HTC is developing a smartphone based on blockchain technology. The Exodus will have a universal wallet that supports the protocols of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity and Lightning Networks, among others.

Ultimately, Exodus is intended to support the entire blockchain ecosystem. HTC wants to double or triple the number of nodes for Ethereum and Bitcoin with the Exodus smartphones, according to a manufacturer’s website where no further specifications or further details can be found. In addition to the universal wallet, the phone supports decentralized apps.

The Exodus project is led by Phil Chen, who was also responsible for the VR project that eventually delivered the HTC Vive. “I want a world where consumers actually own their own data without the need for central authorities,” he writes. The phone is very much about data security.

The smartphone maker plans to develop its own blockchain network in which all Exodus smartphones as nodes facilitate cryptocurrency trading between Exodus users. The manufacturer is considering cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for the smartphone, although the price has not yet been announced. It is also not yet clear when the Exodus will be released.

The Exodus is not the first blockchain smartphone to be announced. More than a month ago, it turned out that the Startup Sirin Labs ordered 25,000 copies of its blockchain smartphone Finney from Foxconn. This phone should be available from October.