HP provides Omen keyboard of mechanical switches with optical sensors

HP has announced a keyboard and mouse in its Omen line of game products equipped with mechanical switches supplemented with optical sensors. This should improve the speed of response.

According to HP, the “optical mechanical switches” of the Omen Sequencer keyboard provide a ten times faster response time than traditional mechanical switches. The manufacturer speaks of ‘the best of both worlds’ where the integrated optical sensors provide faster reaction times, and the mechanical switches for the click feeling appreciated by many gamers.
The Sequencer keyboard has RGB lighting that can be used with the Omen Command Center. Software can be controlled. This software can be opened with a special key. The keyboard supports n-key rollover against ghosting . There are five assignable macro keys and the Windows key can be locked. The price for the Omen-keyboard is 179 dollars, converted and with VAT that is 188 euros.

HP also uses his ‘optical mechanical switches’ for the left – and right button on the likewise new Reactor mouse. In total there are seven buttons on this mouse. It has a sensor with an accuracy of 16,000 dpi, there are rubber grips on both sides, the height of the palm rest is adjustable and there are two RGB LEDs of which the user can determine the color. The mouse will cost $ 79.
In addition, HP is using the Omen Mouse 400 with Omron switches and 5000dpi sensor and red illumination. These receive an American recommended price of 39 dollars. Finally, HP makes it known that it will release a gaming headset with active cooling. This blows warm air from the headphones and cools the ear cups. The headset supports DTS Headphone: X for surround-like playback.