HP presents EliteBook convertible with 14″ screen and weight of 1.35kg

HP presents a new convertible in its EliteBook series. The EliteBook x360 1040 G5 has a 14 “screen with up to 4k resolution, an aluminum housing and a relatively low weight of 1.35kg, the 2-in-1 comes out in November for 1650 euros.

HP stops Intel -quad-core processors of the Kaby Lake R generation in the EliteBook x360. This is a maximum of the Core i7-8650U or an i5 variant like the 8250U. There is a maximum of 32GB ddr4 in the convertible and for storage, there are configurations with nvme- SSDs from 512GB to 2TB, HP also makes variants with SATA SSDs of up to 256GB.

The 14 “screen features a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 and has a 4k resolution or full HD resolution. According to the specifications, the 4k screen has a maximum brightness of 500cd / m 2 and there is a full-HD version with a maximum brightness of 700cd / m 2 . There is also a variant with a full-HD screen with a brightness of 400cd / m 2. HP equips the EliteBook x360 with a 4g modem that can handle gigabit speeds.

HP also presents new models of Specter x360 convertibles with 13.3 “and 15.6” screens. The new models have an adapted design and a switch with which the camera can be physically covered. The laptops have a USB-c socket that is concealed in the slanting right corner.

The 13.3 “model comes with quad-core of the Kaby Lake R generation and in the 15.6” version HP hexacore stops and up to a GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q video card. The large version has a screen with a maximum resolution of 4k. The 13.3 “model is available with an optional 4G modem with gigabit speeds.

That HP opts for a separate gpu next to a hexacore processor in its new Specter x360 15. The performance that came out earlier this year has Kaby Lake G-processors on board, which are the chips consisting of an Intel quad-core processor with an AMD Vega-GPU.