How to Download Restricted Google Drive Videos

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In this article, we will tell you how to download Google Drive videos without permission. You can download restricted Google drive videos in three ways.

Download Using Inspect Element

You can fetch the View-Only video file and download the same using Chrome Browser Inspect Dev Tool.

  • Open Google Drive Video in Chrome Browser
  • Open the Developer Console by pressing Cmd + Shift + C for Mac and Ctrl + Shift + C for Windows.
  • Click on the video file to play once the Dev Tools are opened
  • Click on Networks Tab
  • Type ‘videoplayback’ in the filter search box to filter the video URL
  • Double-click on the URL shown under the name section
  • A new tab will open
  • Click on the three vertical dots
  • Press the Download button to Save the File

Download Using Browser Extension

  • Download any extension like Video Downloader Pro
  • Add it to Chrome Browser
  • Open Google Drive Video URL
  • Play the video and the Extension will detect the file and give you a download option.

Download Using Video Downloader for Android

  • Download any application like 1DM on your Android device
  • Grant permission and click on the Browser icon
  • Copy-Paste the shared URL and press enter
  • The Google Drive preview page will show up
  • Click on the video play button and a download indicator will be shown on top
  • Click on it and it will display the detected file
  • Tap on it and click on the Start button to download the video.
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