How to Download an Entire Website for Offline Viewing

There will be times when you need access to a website if you do not have access to the internet. Or you want to back up your own website, but the host you use does not have this option. You may want to use a popular website as a reference for your own website, and you need 24/7 access. Be that as it may, there are a few ways you can download an entire website to view offline at your convenience. Some websites will not stay online forever, so this is even more a reason to learn how to download them for offline viewing. These are some of your options for downloading an entire website so that it can be viewed offline at a later time, whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Here are the best tools for downloading websites for downloading a full website for offline viewing.

1. HTTrack

This free tool makes it easy to download for offline viewing. This allows the user to download a website from the internet to their local directory, where it will build the directory of the website using the HTML, files and images of the server on your computer. HTTrack automatically controls the structure of the original website. All you have to do is open a page of the mirrored website in your own browser and then you can browse the website as you would do online. You can also update an already downloaded website if it has been updated online and you can resume all interrupted downloads. The program is fully configurable and even has its own integrated help system.

2. GetLeft

To use this website, you only need to enter the URL and the entire website will be downloaded according to the options you have specified. It edits the original pages as well as the links to relative links so that you are able to browse through the site on your hard drive. You can view the sitemap prior to download, resume a suspended download, and filter so that certain files are not downloaded. 14 languages are supported and you can follow links to external websites. GetLeft is great for offline downloading of smaller sites and larger websites if you choose not to download larger files within the site itself.

3. Cyotek Webcopy

This free tool can be used to copy partial or full websites to your local hard disk, so that they can be viewed offline later. WebCopy works by scanning the specified website and then downloading the content to your computer. Links that lead to things like images, style sheets, and other pages are automatically reassigned to match the local path. Because of the complicated configuration, you can determine which parts of the website are copied and which are not. In essence, WebCopy views the HTML of a website to discover all sources on the site.

4. SiteSucker

This application is only used on Mac computers and is made to automatically download websites from the internet. This is done by collectively copying the individual pages, PDFs, stylesheets and images from the website to your own local hard drive, thus duplicating the exact directory structure of the website. All you have to do is enter the URL and press Enter. SiteSucker takes care of the rest. In essence, you make local copies of a website and store all information about the website in a document that is accessible when necessary, regardless of the internet connection. You also have the option to pause and restart downloads. Websites can also be translated from English into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

5. GrabzIt

In addition to grabbing data from websites, it will also collect data from PDF documents with the scraping tool. First you need to identify the website or sections of websites whose data you want to delete and when you want it to be done. You will also have to define the structure on which the scaled data is to be stored. Finally, you need to determine how the data that has been scraped should be packaged, which means how this data should be presented to you during browsing. This scraper reads the website as seen by users, using a specialized browser. With this specialized browser the scraper can lift the dynamic and static content to transfer it to your local disk. When all of these things are scraped and formatted on your local drive, you can use and navigate the website in the same way as when it was opened online.

6. Telport Pro

This is a great versatile tool to use for collecting data from the internet. You can open and open up to ten collection threads, access password-protected sites, filter files by type, and even search for keywords. It has the capacity to use every website without problems. It is said to be one of the only scrapers that any file type can find on any website. The highlights of the program are the ability to: search websites by keywords, explore all pages of a central site, view all pages of a site, search a site for a specific file type and format, a duplicate of a website with subdirectory and all files and download all or parts of the site to your own computer.

7. FreshWebSuction

This is a freeware browser for those who use Windows. You can not only browse websites, but the browser itself also acts as the downloader of the web page. Create projects to store your sites offline. You can choose how many links away from the start URL you want to save from the site, and you can define exactly what you want to save from the site, such as images, audio, images, and archives. This project is completed once the desired web pages have been downloaded. After this you are free to browse the downloaded pages as you wish, offline. In short, it is a user-friendly desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. You can view websites and download them for offline viewing. You can fully dictate what has been downloaded, including how many links from the top URL you want to save.

How to Download Without any Program

There is a way to download a website to your local disk so that you can access it if you do not have an Internet connection. You must open the homepage of the website. This will be the main page. You right-click on the site and choose Save Page As. You choose the name of the file and where it will be downloaded. It will start downloading the current and related pages as long as the server does not need permission to access the pages.

Alternatively, if you are the owner of the website, you can download it from the server by letting it zip. When this happens, you will be backed up by the phpmyadmin database and then you must install it on your local server.

Using the GNU Wget Command

Sometimes simply called ordinary wget and previously known as geturl, it is a computer program that retrieves content from web servers. As part of the GNU project, it supports downloads via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocol. It enables recursive downloads, the conversion of links for offline rendering for local HTML, as well as support for proxies.

To use the GNU wget command, it must be called from the command line, while one or more URLs are specified as an argument.

When used in a more complex way, it can call the automatic download of multiple URLs in a hierarchy for the directory.

Mobile Options

Can you remember how many times you have read an article on your phone or tablet and have been interrupted, only to discover that you lost it when you returned to it? Or did you find a great website you wanted to explore, but would not you have the data to do that? This is useful when saving a website on your mobile device.

Offline Pages Pro can save any website on your mobile phone so that it can be viewed while you are offline. What makes this different than the computer applications and most other phone applications is that the program will save the whole web page on your phone – not just the text without a context. It saves the format of the site, so it is no different than viewing the website online. The app requires a one-time purchase of $ 9.99. If you need to save a web page, simply click on the button next to the web address bar. This starts the page that needs to be saved so that it can be viewed offline whenever you want. The process is so simple. In the Pro version of the app you can label pages so that you can find them later with your own organized system. To access the saved pages, click in the app on the button in the middle of the screen below. Here is a list of all your saved pages. To delete a page, simply swipe the page and press the button when the option to delete is displayed. You can also use the Edit button to mark other pages to be deleted. In the Pro version, you can choose to periodically update websites that you have saved so that you can keep all your sites up to date the next time you go offline.

Offline reading for Android is a free app for Android devices. With this application, you can download websites to your phone so that they can be opened later when you are offline. The websites are stored locally in the memory of your phone, so you must ensure that you have the correct storage space. Eventually, you get access to pages that can be viewed quickly, just as if they were opened online. It is a user-friendly app that is compatible with all Android devices such as smartphones or tablets. You download web pages directly to your phone, ideal for reading websites offline.