How to Check the Windows 10 OS Build, Version, Edition & Type

Knowing the Windows version will also help you upgrade. Here we are going to tell you how to check the build, version number, and edition of your Windows 10 operating system.

1. Check Windows 10 Edition, Build number, and more

Here we are going to use Windows 10 Settings app to find Windows 10 edition, build number and OS build. It will also tell you the system type.

Step 1. First, click on the Start button and select ‘Settings’

Step 2. On the Settings page, click the ‘System’

Step 3. In the left pane, click the ‘About’

Step 4. Scroll down the About page and you will find it “Edition”, “Version”, “OS Build” and “System Type”

That is it! You’re done.

2. Using the RUN dialog

If for some reason you cannot access the Windows 10 settings page, you should use the Run dialog to check the Windows 10 version, OS build, edition, or type. Follow some of the simple steps below.

Step 1. open the RUN dialog box with Windows key + R keys.

Step 2. In the dialog box, type RUN “Winver” and press the Enter button.

Step 3. This command will open the About widows. This will display the Windows 10 version, build number and Windows 10 edition.

That is it! You’re done.