‘Hot Coffee’ mod for RDR2 not available after Take-Two takedown requestverzoek

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Take-Two Interactive has sent takedown requests to developers of a sexually oriented mod for Red Dead Redemption 2. The ‘Hot Coffee’ mod has been hidden since Monday, making it appear that the modders are heeding the demand.

Modder Unlosing has hidden the Hot Coffee mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 at Nexus Mods. The mod allows players to pick up a prostitute in the Valentine Saloon, the Saint Denis Saloon and the Strawberry Hotel. The characters have sex, but are not naked.

Despite this, the arrival of the mod was enough of a reason for Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar to send takedown requests to the creators. Unlosing told YouTube channel Swegta that the legal department had informed him that the sexually explicit content was a concern for the companies. “That’s the main reason the mod should be taken offline and removed,” the lawyers said.

Last week, the modder had told PCGamesN not to comply with the demand, because the mod contains no images and audio that are not already used elsewhere in the game, nor does it have nudes. He then indicated that the demands were not fair.

The mod’s name refers to Hot Coffee, a modification of GTA: San Andreas that conjured up playing a mini-sex game within that game. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board then decided to give the game an ‘Adults Only’ designation and the game had to be removed from the shops. Take-Two released a new version without the hidden sex game, but was forced to offer ‘shocked victims’ compensation after several lawsuits.

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