Home Assistant comes with its own quality mark to guarantee better support

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The team behind open source smart home software Home Assistant is coming up with a program to ensure better support from smart home product manufacturers. Home Assistant wants to work more closely with manufacturers and reward them with their own quality mark.

According to the team behind Home Assistant, it happens too often that a manufacturer offers too little support to customers after the initial release. With the new program wants the team that suppliers commit themselves to Home Assistant for a longer period of time and thus also better support their customers when it comes to Home Assistant integration.

Home Assistant calls the program ‘Works with Home Assistant’. With this label, manufacturers can show that their product works well with Home Assistant and will be well supported in the future. These manufacturers can then be given the label stating that the product ‘Works with Home Assistant’.

Home Assistant will ask manufacturers who want to participate in the program for samples for development. In addition, there must be close contact with the team in order to quickly resolve any hardware and software issues. In this way, the end user should be confident that the product with the ‘Works with Home Assistant’ label will actually work with Home Assistant in the long term.

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