Hobbyist finds tech demo of unknown Simpsons game for Sega Dreamcast

A hobbyist has found a tech demo of the unknown game The Simpsons: Bug Squad on the broken hard drive of a devkit of a Sega Dreamcast. Developer Red Lemon Studios worked on the idea in 2000.

Sreak, a user of the Dreamcast talk forum, posted a few weeks ago asking if anyone could do anything with the files from a devkit’s broken storage. After uploading the files on Saturday, co-user and developer Megavolt85 got the game up and running based on the files.

It turns out to be a tech demo, in which an insect moves through The Simpsons’ house. The demo was intended for people at Fox Interactive to show what the game would look like. That demonstration was in October 2000. The Dreamcast was released in the US and Europe the previous year.

Red Lemon co-founder Andy Campbell confirms to another forum user’s YouTube channel DreamcasticChannel that the idea was indeed from the British studio. “This was a demo we made and pitched to Fox. We were never commissioned, so this technically hasn’t been a title that has ever been in development.”