Hitman 3 gets a new name and content from Hitman 1 and 2 at no extra cost

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Hitman 3 is getting a name change and will be called Hitman World of Assassination. The content of the first two games will also be available in that game, even if players have not purchased those games. The name change will take effect on January 26.

Developer IO Interactive says want to make buying and playing the Hitman games easier. That is why Hitman 3 will change its name and the two previous games will be playable within Hitman World of Assassination. People who already own Hitman 3 will receive an upgrade to Hitman World of Assassination on all platforms by the end of this month, including access to Hitman 1 and 2.

The game maker also wants to simplify the buying process and will no longer sell separate DLC for new players. Instead, there will be two buying options for new players. Hitman – World of Assassination gives players access to Hitman 3, Hitman 1 GOTY and Hitman 2 for a total of $70. The second option is a Deluxe Pack, where players get Hitman 3 and Hitman 2 DLC. This costs thirty dollars.

Players who currently own some DLC packs will not need to purchase the Deluxe Pack to play all DLC. They can buy the individual DLCs they are missing in Steam or the in-game store for ten dollars each. As part of the name change, IO Interactive is removing Hitman 1 and 2 from standalone sales; these games can therefore only be purchased and played via Hitman World of Assassination. Players who previously purchased the two games will continue to play them as they do now.

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