Hardware hacker gets Sony-Nintendo PlayStation prototype working

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Hardware hacker Ben Heckendorn got the Sony-Nintendo PlayStation prototype partially working. Multiple issues, related to both age and conscious impediments, prevented the hybrid console’s CD drive and sound from working.

A week ago, Ben Heckendorn completely disassembled the unique console in his YouTube show to map what the device had to offer. The prototype already worked in conjunction with regular SNES cartridges, and this week the guy is trying to get the rest of the console up and running as much as possible. The Sony-Nintendo PlayStation was only discovered a year ago.

‘Heck’ begins this chapter of his work on the console by combining the plug of one power adapter with the block of another adapter to get the console running. He then turns his attention to the later added wiring inside. Initially he replaces it to improve the quality of the soldering tips, but later it turns out that part of this wiring has been installed correctly to disable the console’s CD drive, probably not to give curious techies too much insight into the console’s CD drive. special, unreleased console.

However, reversing certain adjustments is not yet a solution. The problem with the CD drive appears to lie with a more common problem: the capacitors on the PCB are outdated and no longer work properly. After simply replacing it, the CD drive will start again. The problem is, no games on CDs were ever made for the Super Nintendo; the hybrid console was never released and neither was a planned standalone CD player for the Super Nintendo. The drive will not play audio CDs either.

Heck does say that a colleague ‘maybe’ has a game CD in the attic that would like to run on the prototype. With this, the hardware hacker seems to leave open the possibility of a next installment in this series. In its current state, the console prototype should at least be able to run homebrew software.

If you haven’t seen the first part of the video series yet, it’s a good idea to start with that.

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