Hardkernel stops Odroid H2+ computing board due to chip shortages

Hardkernel says it will no longer produce the Odroid H2+. This is due to the ‘uncertain situation surrounding key components’. The single-board computer has an Intel Celeron J4115 quad-core CPU and was announced last June.

The computing board is now listed as discontinued and obsoleted on Hardkernels webshop. Exact details about the delivery problems are not given, although there have been delivery problems with the computer for some time. The Odroid H2+ had been sold out for months, in September the company wrote that it had not yet planned a next production batch.

According to seller Ameridroid, there had been delivery problems since February. Then major components, specifically the pmic, 2.5 gigabit ethernet chip and audio codec chip were the culprits. There was talk of a delivery time of about 35 weeks; later this was adjusted to about 60 weeks. The webshop then wrote that new Odroid H2+s would probably only appear in 2022, so now they are no longer available at all.

The Odroid H2+ was announced last year and had the renewed CPU and the arrival of two 2.5 gigabit Ethernet ports as the biggest innovations. The computing board has an integrated UHD Graphics 600 GPU, is passively cooled and supports two DDR4-2400 memory cards. In addition, there is an M.2 slot, two SATA 3 connections, an emmc connector, HDMI 2.0 port and a DisplayPort 1.2 connection. Converted with VAT, the H2+ cost 128.81 euros