Halo 5’s Forge editor is coming to Windows 10 for free

Halo 5’s Forge editor, in which levels for the Xbox One game can be modified, is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft is going to make Halo 5 Forge available for free and it is also possible to try out created levels without owning are from a console.

Microsoft and 343 Studios announce that ‘Forge – Halo 5: Guardians Edition’ is coming to Windows 10 later this year. A date has not yet been announced. The program contains the same functionality as Halo 5’s Forge mode on the Xbox One, but can be operated with keyboard and mouse and supports resolutions up to 4k.

While Halo 5 itself is not playable on Windows 10, players can try out their Forge creations on PC. Created levels can be tested with multiple players in the Windows version. Once published, they will be playable and shareable on Xbox One.

Microsoft has set itself the goal of making more games available on both PC and console via its Universal Windows Platform. In recent months, the company has taken the first steps in this direction; including the introduction of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. That’s a stripped-down version of the Xbox game, which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store on Windows 10. The studio that makes the Forza games has already indicated that their future games will also get a PC version. Whether this will also apply to new Halo games is not yet known.