Guardians of The Galaxy console version gets ray tracing after update

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Eidos Entertainment has released a patch for Guardians of the Galaxy that will see the versions on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X receive ray tracing. It has also become possible for players to revert their save file to a specific chapter.

Ray-tracing mode can be turned on via the menu. Eidos does not mention what resolution this mode entails and what frame rate it runs at. Several players report that it is 1440p at 30fps. The game also includes a performance mode at 1080p and 60fps. On the Xbox Series S, an option has been added to remove the 30fps fps limit, which allows the game to fluctuate between 30fps and 60fps. According to Eidos, this option is recommended for players using a display with a variable refresh rate.

A Save Rollback option has been added for all consoles for players who are stuck at some point in the game due to a bug and simply reloading the checkpoint won’t fix it. To unlock this option, players need to go to ‘Chapters’ from the main menu and choose the desired chapter to which players want to revert their save file. When the chapter is loaded, players must pause the game and enter a certain button combination. After that, the Save Game and Load Game options become visible, allowing players to overwrite their save file.

Finally, the update fixes a lot of bugs for the console versions. The PC version will also get a patch soon, Eidos says. The company mentions Friday as the provisional date for this, but this can still change. The patch notes will be available on Steam on the day of release.

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