Grand Theft Auto games have been delivered 345 million times

Take-Two has delivered a total of 345 million games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The number of delivered copies of GTA V is now at 145 million, which is 5 million more than a quarter ago.

The first Grand Theft Auto game came out in late 1997 and that franchise now accounts for 345 million copies in total, Take-Two announced in an investor presentation. GTA V in particular is a great success for the company. That game first appeared in 2013, has already been released on two console generations and will be released again for the new consoles at the end of this year.

Take-Two also publishes figures for other franchises. The Red Dead series now stands at 60 million copies, of which 37 million copies of Red Dead Redemption 2. The publisher also mentions figures from Borderlands, BioShock and Sid Meier’s Civilization. Those three titles are under the 2K Games label, which Take-Two owns.

62 new games in the next three years

In the next three years, Take-Two plans to release a total of 62 new games. It’s about 23 immersive coretitles. Those are the big games, such as GTA, Red Dead, Borderlands and the sports games from 2K. There will also be 6 indie games and 20 smartphone games. In the current financial year, which ends at the end of March 2022, 21 games will be released, including 4 core games. Two of these fall within an existing franchise and two within new franchises. Details about this are not yet known.

With the presentation of the quarterly figures for the fourth quarter, Take-Two has concluded its financial year 2021. It shows that the company achieved a turnover of $ 3.37 billion and a profit of $ 589 million. 62 percent of all turnover came from recurrent consumer spending, or recurring expenses, such as microtransactions and tlc. That’s a new record for Take-Two. A year earlier, the company had sales of $ 3.1 billion, when 45 percent came from recurring expenses.

Franchise Total copies delivered Game Supplied copies
Grand Theft Auto 345 million GTA V 145 million
Red Dead 60 million Red Dead Redemption 2 37 million
Borderlands 70 million Borderlands 3
Borderlands 2
13 million
25 million
BioShock 37 million
Sid Meier’s Civilization 57 million