Grand strategy game Victoria 3 will be released on Steam on October 25

Paradox Development Studio has announced the release date for Victoria 3. The game will be available exclusively on Steam on October 25th. This means that Victoria 3 will not be available through the Microsoft Store or coming to Game Pass.

On Paradox’s own forum the developer reports that the pre-orders of the strategy game have started. Players who pre-order the game will receive an album of the remastered Victoria 2 soundtrack. Although Paradox confirmed in May that Victoria 3 would be coming to “Microsoft Game Pass” and the Microsoft Store, it now appears that the game will only be available via Steam. The reason behind the change is unknown. Paradox says it made the decision “after talking to its partners”.

In the Victoria games, players control a specific country, which they have to help develop in cultural, economic and ideological fields. Also science, trade, and diplomacy are parts that players will have to deal with. The previous game in the series, Victoria 2, was released in 2010.