Gorilla Glass 6 is twice as good as the previous version

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Corning is the company behind Gorilla Glass. You know that name, because virtually every smartphone uses that glass to make smartphones fall-proof. That is the theory, but we all know that it is actually not that bad with that ‘permanence’ and that one good bounce is enough to give your screen more cracks than the ice caps on the North Pole. We were at revision five, but now Corning has announced that Gorilla Glass 6 is coming and that it can survive twice as many falls than the previous version.

Now these are not the best words to say what Corning wants to say: the glass is much stronger than the previous versions. According to Corning, a device with the new glass can be dropped from a meter on average on a hard surface and survive fifteen times. That is twice as often (average, unlucky ones, we know that it is the first time you already hit it) as with revision five. Corning says that the average user drops their phone once a year from a meter and a half or higher (out of hand) but that a fall of a meter or lower occurs on average four times a year.

Not broken, but scratched

The new glass is almost ready and will be shown for the first time in the smartphones of 2019. Based on Corning’s customer base (including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, OnePlus and LG), that would mean that Samsung might be the first to come with the new glass, closely followed by the rest of the bunch. There are alternatives to Gorilla Glass, but there is a reason that the biggest smartphone makers choose Corning: so far there is no better alternative. Unfortunately, because although this is yet another improvement, we all want only one thing: that’s it. not. Broken. can.

Speaking of alternatives, you will have to come up with something to reduce scratches on your screen, because impact-resistant means almost the opposite of scratch-resistant. To prevent scratches, a screen must be rigid. Rigid things break faster, so there is a kind of precarious balance that is won in this case by the need not to buy new screens. In some cases, a new screen costs more than an average phone ( hu Apple ?) And more and more back sides of smartphones are also made of glass, so most people will find it completely fine. A screen protector only costs a few euros, and with Gorilla Glass 6 it does not have to be made of glass. That only breaks.

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