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'Google is working on new navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen'

Google seems to be providing its new version of the Android operating system with new navigation buttons. At the bottom of the screen, the button with recent apps seems to be removed, and the home button takes a different form.

The new navigation bar was brought out by Google itself, but the company did so in an unrelated news mail about security in Android. The new button layout seems to have been accidentally brought out, and the conscious image has already been modified. Via the cache the original post can still be seen discovered 9 To 5 Google.
As a result, it seems that Google is testing a new navigation bar , which may be released with the next Android version. It seems that Google chooses not to use the button with recent applications, leaving the home button and back button. The home button has changed its shape, and is now elongated instead of a circle.
Whether there are any other changes in the navigation bar can not be made out of the images because there are no moving images. However, 9 To 5 Google claims to have heard from sources that there are gestures present, similar to the iPhone X, working with a swipe up. Also, the back button should hide itself if it is not used.
Google might show the new navigation bar next month if it holds its I / O developer conference. It is planned from May 8 to May 11.


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