Google will reduce in-app subscription fees to 15 percent by 2022

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As of 2022, Google will reduce the Google Play commission that developers have to pay for in-app subscriptions from 30 to 15 percent. E-book and music streaming services are eligible to pay a “up to 10 percent” commission.

Currently, Android developers pay a 30 percent commission on the Google Play app store when a customer purchases an in-app subscription for at least 12 months. Google puts an end to that. Beginning January 1, 2022, all developers offering in-app subscriptions to their Play Store apps will pay a 15 percent commission instead of 30 percent with no time period or other terms attached.

Some ebook services and music streaming apps will soon be eligible to pay “up to 10 percent” according to Google. That is, if these apps are part of Google’s Media Experience program for which separate conditions apply and where a payment of 15 percent is still charged. To find out which services qualify for the lower Google Play commission, Google refers to the terms of the Media Experience program, according to The Verge. According to 9to5Google, video streaming services will not be able to enjoy the lower commission.

In March, Google announced it would cut Google Play fees from 30 percent to 15 percent for the first million sales developers made on their digital storefront. That rule went into effect on July 1. According to google, 99 percent of all Android developers would benefit from this.

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