Google will develop the Pixel 3 completely by itself

Google is, as expected, working on the development of two new Pixel smartphones. Striking news about this comes from Bloomberg who report that Google has now opted for Foxconn as maker of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We know Foxconn as the maker of most iPhones of course, so they understand their profession.

The switch to that party, however, means more than just a new production facility. It also shows that Google has now developed the smartphones completely for the first time. That was of course after the takeover of HTC’s smartphone team last year, but Google will be glad that the team is already ready within the year to start their own production. Good news for Foxconn, who are busy with it. With the manufacture of the smartphones for Apple and Google, most game consoles and of course the sale of the products of the brands that they have recently taken over .

Expectations of the Pixel 3

Production aside, of course, is the question what we can expect from the new phones. The screens are pretty big, as you can see in the leaked photos above, although only the Pixel 3 XL has a ‘notch’ as ​​we see it everywhere. Striking is how high it is, although it seems smaller than most notches in other screens. Assuming that the leak is real as well, because of course rumors remain. The bottom edge is pretty strong for today’s concepts, but that would be due to the need to keep the stereo speakers in the phone.

Furthermore, the phone gets two lenses on the front of the phone and still only one lens on the back. Most phone manufacturers now choose two lenses to create a depth effect, but Google is more than fine with software up to now, so that is not so bad. All of them are not earth-shattering, but you can expect that in a transitional year like this. It’s quite an achievement to deliver a new phone just in time with all those troubles, so they do well with Google


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