Google will bring Android games to Windows PCs via Play Games app next year

Google will make a Google Play Games app available for Windows in 2022. The app makes it possible to play games from Google Play via PCs. Those games do not run streaming but from the system.

Starting next year, users will be able to play Google Play games not only on mobile, tablet and ChromeOS, but also on Windows PCs, Google announced during the Game Awards event. The arrival of the Google Play Games platform to Windows means, among other things, that players can continue playing on their PC from mobile. The company showed a short teaser and promised to release more details at a later date.

In any case, it is a self-developed app, without help from Microsoft or a third party like BlueStacks, a Google spokesperson told The Verge. The company also says that games run locally on systems, not streaming. Furthermore, the Play Games software for PC will be available for not only Windows 11 but also Windows 10.

Microsoft itself has been testing Android apps in Windows since October, but only supports this for Windows 11 via the Windows Subsystem for Android. The Android apps for Windows come from the Amazon Appstore and can be installed through the Windows Store. It is therefore not about apps with Google Play support.