Google wants to put Fuchsia operating system on multiple types of devices

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Google wants to put Fuchsia on multiple types of devices. This does not only concern our own devices, but also those of other manufacturers. Fuchsia is already on the first generation of the Nest Hub from three years ago.

Some of the plans with Fuchsia can be derived from job descriptions that Google has put online and that 9to5Google found. This includes devices with different form factors and use cases. Those devices have ‘chromecasting, video calling and machine learning’ as important elements.

9to5Google notes that “chromecasting” probably doesn’t refer specifically to Chromecast devices, but to the feature Google refers to as “cast.” This is a built-in feature that allows users to stream content to a smart screen or a smart speaker via a smartphone. Another vacancy text talks about devices from other manufacturers that would come with Fuchsia.

Google released Fuchsia for the Nest Hub this year. The interface is unchanged, but the software is different. The operating system is not developed around a Linux kernel, but based on a Zircon kernel developed by Google. Fuchsia was initially intended as a project to experiment with new ideas and techniques. It has since become a general-purpose open source OS with a focus on security, updates, and performance.

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