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Google wants to bring Steam support to Chromebooks

Google wants to give Chrome OS support for Steam. The Steam client for Linux would then run within the Linux subsystem, allowing users to run games on their Chromebooks via the Steam platform.

The Linux client can already run on Chrome OS via Crostini. At Crostini, a Linux distribution with the name Termina runs in a virtual machine on Chrome OS. Originally this functionality was primarily intended for developers, but Google brings support to all Chromebooks and therefore wants to bring Steam to the platform. That’s what Kan Liu says, head product management for Chrome OS, against Android Police.

Liu did not give details yet, but he was optimistic that the project was feasible, partly due to the trend of cross-platform support for games and techniques such as Vulkan to make this possible. In order to make Steam’s arrival on Chrome OS systems a success, it seems, among other things, that those systems will need more powerful graphics hardware and, conversely, Crostini will have to offer hardware acceleration of graphics.

It is unclear to what extent Valve cooperates in the project. Valve has been committed to improving the development of Linux support for games for years. The company tried to offer its own platform with its Linux-based Steam OS, but its development seems to be on the back burner due to a lack of success. Among other things, a shortage of good games proved to be a stumbling block to success.

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