Google releases Chromecast SDk

Google has released a software development kit for the Chromecast dongle. This allows developers to build support for the streaming accessory into their applications. The internet giant had previously indicated that it will come with an SDK.

The SDK is immediately available to interested developers, while the Chromecast itself has already been made suitable for third party applications with an earlier update, Google reports on its weblog. Google has published a number of sample applications on Github, with which, among other things, a video can be sent to the Chromecast from a smartphone application. There is support for Android, iOS and Chrome.

The SDK makes it possible for developers, among other things, to build in a ‘cast’ button in their app. This allows content, such as video, audio or a web page, to be sent to the Chromecast dongle, after which it can be shown on a TV, for example. The device should receive considerably more applications via the SDK: many users had complained that Google offered little support for streaming content with the Chromecast.

Google had already announced last year that it would come with an SDK. Incidentally, the internet giant has previously blocked some third party applications for Chromecast.