Google releases api to hide ar objects behind physical objects

Google released its Depth api with ARCore 1.18. This makes it possible for developers to place virtual objects behind physical obstacles. For the technology, a single camera is enough.

A time-of-flight sensor is also not necessary, although it can improve the experience, says Google. Because a single camera is enough, the software can run on hundreds of millions of Android devices worldwide, the search giant said.

Google previously released a preview of the API. With the ability to use depth in ar applications, new ways of playing games and building experiences should be possible. For example, objects can fall from the stairs. Some developers were already able to use the api in the preview phase, including Snapchat.

ARCore can be regarded as a further development of Tango and is more or less the counterpart of ARKit from Apple. They are tools to enable all kinds of augmented reality applications on smartphones.