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Google reduces Play Store payment on first million dollars to 15 percent

From July 1, small developers only have to hand over 15 percent of their Google Play Store sales to Google. Now that is still thirty percent. Google claims that 99 percent of all developers are seen as ‘small developers’.

As of July 1, Google will only ask 15 percent about the first $ 1 million a developer earns through the Play Store. These are digital goods or services sold through the Play Store. All developers will therefore benefit from July 1. The remittance above that first million dollars remains unchanged at 30 percent. Google says it will help developers grow with the new policy.

A South Korean news agency previously claimed that Google would lower the payment. Google is said to have been pressured by the South Korean government. Why Google decided to set the new policy globally instead of just South Korean developers isn’t clear.

Google follows Apple with the new policy. App developers who earn less than a million dollars a year through the App Store have contributed only 15 percent to Apple since January 1 . The difference is that developers who earn more than a million dollars annually from Apple have to contribute 30 percent of total sales. App developers who have more than a million dollars in turnover in both app stores, ‘win’ 150,000

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