Google reduces app commissions to 15 percent with support for more Google platforms

Google reduces the commission it asks from apps from 30 to 15 percent, if they support other Google platforms. Video apps include Google TV and Android TV, while audio includes Android Auto and Wear.

Google calls the program the Play Media Experience Program. The program is for apps and services with more than 100,000 active installs per month on Android. They can then use the integration of their service with other Google platforms to get the discount on the commission.

The required integration differs perform of the media app. There are requirements for apps for videos, audio, and books. The intent is to get developers to create more apps for Google platforms other than Android.

Both Apple and Google have already introduced a 15 percent reduction in fees for developers whose annual revenue is less than $1 million from download stores. Due to the requirement of the number of installations, the new discount on Android is only available to large developers.

Play Media Experience Program Video audio Books
Required Integrations Android TV
Google TV
Android TV
Android Auto
Android Auto (Audiobooks)
WearOS (Audiobooks)
Android Entertainment Space on Tablets
Foldable Smartphones