Google puts developer site for Fuchsia OS online

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Google has put a website online with documentation for developers about the operating system Fuchsia. The company does not specify why the site about the operating system is now appearing, while it has been in development for years. contains information about developing Fuchsia, and about software that runs on the operating system. In addition, developers can find information on how to install the open source operating system and details about the Zircon kernel and core.

The name Google hardly appears on the site. The company also does not disclose why it launched the developer site now. Fuchsia has been in development for years, and in the past it was rumored to be something of a cross between Android and Chrome OS.

In May, Google first officially confirmed it was working on Fuchsia, but it wouldn’t be an operating system specifically for smartphones or computers. Instead, it should become an OS for a multitude of devices. Google would also mainly use it to try out ideas and techniques. Fuchsia does not run on Linux, but on the Zircon kernel developed by Google.

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