Google provides its search service with a comprehensive update

Google explained the future plans for its search service. The company will focus on a visual way to find information, including AMP Stories and relevant videos.

According to Google there are three shifts in the field of search, which are the result of progress with neural networks to better understand language. The first shift is from answers to ‘journeys’, whereby Google allows users to get acquainted with new interests and hobbies in meeting the information needs. The second shift is that of searching for the provision of relevant information, even if the user does not have search actions in mind. Finally, Google will provide visual information more visually than before and therefore less textually.
As far as the latter is concerned, Google is going to use artificial intelligence to make AMP Stories and show it in its search engine. AMP Stories is Googles project for publishers to quickly make ‘visual stories’. Initially, automatically generated AMP Stories about celebrities and athletes appear in the search list. A click on the format leads the user to more information.
Google also shows more videos when searching. According to the company, the search engine can show relevant videos by a better understanding of the content of the images, made possible by computer vision. For example, for searches related to a planned walking tour, Google can suggest suggestions for videos that give an impression of the environment.
Google Images gets an update on the desktop to show more information about the images, including the name of the site where this has been found. This change had already been implemented on mobile. The algorithms of Google Images provide a higher ranking of sites with prominent, good images as well as good content and sites that can be considered as authority.
Finally, Google integrates its Lens service into Images. Lens Technology identifies elements in the found images for more information, but users can also select parts in images themselves.


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