Google provides Android TV with more features that Google TV already has

Google provides Android TV with some of the features it already offers with Google TV, including being able to add videos to lists for later viewing. Users can also improve viewing suggestions.

Android TV users will be able to access watchlists via the Discover tab after the update. They can add videos to the list by holding down selections and clicking ‘Add to watchlist’, and also through the video details page or after a Google search, describes Engadget among other things.

That details page will also show trailers that start playing automatically after the update, but users can deactivate the previews through the settings. Furthermore, a suggestion system has been built in that users can influence.

In the Discover tab, the Content Preferences function has been added under Device Preferences and Home Screen. It recommends titles to users. Through Improve your recommendations, users can give thumbs up or down to improve the quality of the suggestions.

The functions are already in Google TV, in modified form or not, the operating system for the last generation Chromecast and for recent TVs from manufacturers. Google already gave the software for existing Android TV devices at the beginning of this year an update that brought the interface more in line with that of Google TV.

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