Google Pixel 6 keyboard gets grammar checker for English sentences

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Google is introducing a grammar checker for its Gboard keyboard on the Pixel 6. The new functionality can detect grammatical errors in English sentences and then makes a suggestion to the user to correct the error.

In a blog post, Google’s software engineer Tony Mak describes the challenge of performing a grammar check on typed text, especially on mobile devices with limited storage space. Still, according to Mak, we managed to get the grammar checker working on the Pixel 6.

Notably, no data is sent to a server and everything can be handled by the 22MB module installed on the user’s Pixel 6 phone. The grammar checker checks the text as you type. The moment there are three words, Gboard will check whether the text is correct.

At the moment, the functionality is only available for the Pixel 6. Google isn’t reporting whether the functionality will be coming to other Pixel models or Android phones in general. However, the intention is that more languages ​​than English will become available.

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