Google opens Fuchsia development and wants to make the complete OS of the software

Google has made the development of Fuchsia public and is getting more people to participate in the software. Contrary to what Google first reported, it is no longer a testing ground for OS techniques, but Fuchsia must become a full OS.

Google is taking several steps to get more people involved in the development of Fuchsia. The company is launching a mailing list for announcements and discussions about the project, there is an overview with clarification on organizational management, a tracker has been made public so participants can see what is being worked on, and developers can sign up to contribute to Fuchsia.

Additionally, there’s a technical roadmap that provides insight into the Fuchsia projects Google is working on, such as those for improving the file system. Google emphasizes that Fuchsia is a long-term project and that the goal is to develop a general-purpose open source OS focused on security, updating and performance. The company also points out that the software is not yet ready for production environments.

The goal is to achieve an operating system that can be used for different types of products and for the long term, according to the company. Google has been developing Fuchsia for four years without communicating much about the project. Previously, the company reported that it was a project to try out new ideas and techniques for an operating system. Fuchsia is not developed around the Linux kernel, but based on Google’s own Zircon kernel.