Google Maps shows route directions for hikers in camera image

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Google Maps can display directions for hikers in the camera image. The previously announced feature has had limited availability so far, but is coming to many more Android phones and iPhones.

For Live View to work, the phone must support ARCore on Android and ARKit on iOS, Google reports. A list of supported Android phones is online. When users enable the feature, Google will show the camera image, while large-screen blue with white arrows point in the right direction. Google first showed the feature in February, while owners of Pixel phones were already able to try it.

Google also puts elements of the recently discontinued Trips app in Maps. For example, you can now find reservations for flights and hotels under My Places. The internet company gets that information from Gmail and Google Calendar. In addition, restaurant reservations are now in Maps, where the software can suggest catering establishments based on specified preferences.

In addition to these changes that Google has announced, navigation will also look slightly different, Android Police reports. In addition, a tap on the bar at the top of the screen now gives an overview of the upcoming route instructions. That is not yet the case.

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