Google Maps: new functions and figures announced

Many local, small and independent businesses are again forced to close their doors. This is particularly annoying with the holidays and special discount days on the way.

To help small businesses, Google introduced many new, free product features earlier this year. Figures are now also available. Nice, numbers … Indeed, numbers are dry, but Google also comes with completely new Maps functions.

The new functions within Google Maps

New functions:

– Real-time information about crowds in public transport

– Information about the total number of detected corona infections in a specific area

– After restaurants reopen: reservations visible in Maps

– Shortcut to information about the coronavirus from local authorities

More current information in Google Maps

Google Maps has recently made it easier for users to find up-to-date information that helps them stay informed, such as real-time information about crowds and the ability to request safety and health information from local businesses. With the holidays approaching, we are adding new features to help you prepare for Sinterklaas and Christmas and get you on your way safely. We also share some insights we have gained in recent months based on Google Maps data analyzed for the Netherlands before and during the pandemic.

COVID 19 map layer in Google Maps

Since the introduction of the special COVID 19 map layer in Google Maps, nearly 10 million people have been able to access crucial information about the pandemic directly via Google Maps. In the run-up to the holidays, we will come up with two new improvements in the coming weeks. The improved COVID 19 map layer will soon show more information, such as the total number of corona infections detected in a given area.

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