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Google Maps goes from map to globe

When you zoom out from Google Maps you no longer see a flat world. A globe appears instead. The more often you zoom out, the more you see the globe. Why has this update been implemented?

Realistic display

Google Maps indicates that the size of areas by a globe is more realistic. In the flat representation, for example, Greenland seemed as long as Africa.

An employee at Google indicates that the flat map was initially entered because it better reflects the angles of roads.

The globe when zooming out can only be seen on desktop and not on mobile devices. The globe is visible on browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.


It is not the first update since long hours of Google Maps. Last month it became easier to find restaurants via Maps. The battery status when sharing a live location has also been entered.

Whether it is a sphere or a flat map ultimately does not matter to us as long as we can navigate, we are satisfied. Yet it is a lot more realistic, so you can better see how countries relate to each other in terms of size.

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