Google makes Stadia available for iOS via Safari

Google has started the beta of Stadia for iOS. The company offers the service through Safari on iPhones and iPads, as well as similar game streaming services. Apple does not allow apps for these services in its App Store.

Google states in the announcement of Stadia for iOS that users can use Apple’s operating system log in to via their Safari browser and thus be able to use the service. The company shows how that site can be linked to the home screen, and thus can be opened as a web app.

In November it was announced that Google wanted to make its Stadia service available on iOS. The company has to do that through the browser, as Apple doesn’t allow streaming service apps like Stadia. App Store guidelines stipulate that games offered in a streaming subscription service must be available for download directly from the App Store. Game updates must first be individually offered to Apple and they must be given a separate App Store page.

Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, also works as a web app via Safari on iOS. Microsoft will start a beta in the spring of next year for its cloud gaming service via the Game Pass Ultimate subscription via on iOS via Safari. Microsoft is currently testing that service under the name Project xCloud for Android.