Google is working on technology for foldable smartphones

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Google is developing prototype technology for foldable smartphones. This means that a Pixel phone with a folding screen may appear on the market in the future, although there is no mention of that for the time being.

Mario Queiroz, who is responsible for the development of the Pixel phones at Google, tells CNet that the company has been prototyping the technology for some time. He did not disclose how long that has been the case. However, the chance that a foldable Pixel smartphone will come out in the foreseeable future is small; Queiroz thinks there is ‘no clear use case’ for foldable phones yet.

According to him, such devices offer a solution for users who want larger screens, but in his view that will be insufficient to interest large numbers of consumers. He also states that foldable smartphones should offer more innovation than just an extension of the screen size. “We need to get to a situation where people say they should have a foldable smartphone. At the moment, however, you don’t need a foldable smartphone. It’s more or less nice to have’.

Queiroz indicated that there are currently no announcements in the field of foldable smartphones, immediately turning his attention to the Pixel 3A and 3A XL that he described as ‘affordable’. These midrange smartphones have now been announced by Google. The phones have the same camera as the more expensive Pixel 3 and also have a 3.5mm jack. In Germany, the Pixel 3a will cost 399 euros.

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